Maryann Titone, Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist

What is Equine Sports Massage?

Equine Massage Therapy focuses on the prevention of muscular injuries and relieving muscular pain. There are over 150 muscles in the horse which makes up over 60% of their body weight. Regular massage not only helps prevent injuries, it calms the nervous system and improves the horse's disposition.

Benefits of Massage:

Equine massage improves bending, flexing and extension. With regular massage the muscles and connective tissues are lengthened and tension is released. When the tension is released the muscles relax, putting less stress on the limbs. When your horse is feeling good he will be more efficient in his stride and this will enable him to use his athletic abilities to peak performance. No matter what discipline you ride, your horse's performance will be enhanced.

Equine massage focuses on balancing the whole body. If your horse has an injury, he will compensate for that using the other muscles in his body to take the weight of the injured area. So it is not just his injury that is painful and sore but also the rest of this body. It is important to note that muscles do not appear on x-rays, making it difficult to detect a problem. Sports massage also improves circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles while releasing toxins.

Maryann Titone was the Equine Massage Therapist for the United
States Eventing Associations Adult Camp.

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